Privacy Policy

1.Handling of Collected Information

Our company collects and uses information such as client name, address, telephone number, e-mail address etc. (“Collected Information”) to facilitate our business.   Collected Information includes personal information of clients (as set forth in the Act on the Protection of Personal Information ((May 30, 2003, Law No. 57; as amended); “Personal Information”).   Our company will handle Collected Information in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

In order to use the facilities and services etc. (collectively, “Our Services”) provided  by our company, clients are required to carefully read this Privacy Policy and agree to the terms thereof.   If client does not agree to the terms, we will not provide Our Services.

2.Purpose of Use etc.

Our Company, when acquiring and obtaining Collected Information, will use the Collected Information for purposes notified to clients or for the following purposes:

  1. Execution and management of the Anchorstar Partnership Agreement;
  2. Use registration and management of the Anchorstar Lounge;
  3. Provision of various services in the Anchorstar Lounge;
  4. Execution and management of the Anchorstar Office Lease Agreement;
  5. Provision of various services in the Anchorstar Office;
  6. Activities such as advising etc. pertaining to client business expansion;
  7. Provision of real estate information to client;
  8. Provision of recruitment counseling service and recruiting service to client;
  9. Provision of services such as guidance and support within facilities operated and managed by our company, and performance of services in the operation and management of emergency response or crime prevention etc.;
  10. Consultation on telecommunications service and telecommunications equipment installation, management of agreements pertaining to contractors, technical support, and contact regarding maintenance and malfunctions;
  11. Execution of money loan agreements or management of agreements;
    Sending of invitations for special events sponsored, co-hosted, contributed, backed, or supported by our company,
  12. information, and season’s greetings;
  13. Suitable performance of services entrusted from other business, in terms of handling, in whole or in part, Personal Information;
  14. Provision of information pertaining to Our Services and the resolution of problems;
  15. Distribution of an e-mail newsletter pertaining to Our Services and shipment of direct mail;
  16. Marketing research and analysis of Our Services;
  17. Improvement and upgrade of Our Services and development of new businesses and services; and
  18. Implementation of other services pertaining to Our Services.

3.Management and Protection

Our company strictly manages Collected Information of clients, and strives to securely manage and protect Collected Information to prevent information from leaking to outside parties and from unauthorized access by outside parties.

4.Provision to Third Parties

Our company will disclose Collected Information in the cases set forth below:

  1. In the case where our company determines it necessary for the operation or provision of our services;
  2. Disclosure to delivery companies, settlement agencies, subcontractors and other third parties for price settlement, response to client inquiries, inquiries from our company to clients, and provision of related warranty services;
  3. In the case where, pursuant to laws etc., courts, administrative agencies, regulatory agencies and other public institutions seeks the provision of Collected Information;
  4. In the case where our company determines that it is necessary to disclose information in order to resolve a dispute with a third party or to protect the rights and interest of our clients or a third party;
  5. Disclosure to subcontractors and other third parties for marketing research and analysis pertaining to Our Services;
  6. In the case where, to the extent necessary to achieve our company’s goals for use, entrusting the handling of, in whole or in part, Personal Information;
  7. Distributing and displaying advertising of our company or a third party; or any other case where our company determines the disclosure of Collected Information to be necessary, upon consent of client, our company will disclose Collected Information.

5.Disclosure, Correction, or Suspension of Use etc. of Personal Information

Clients may, in accordance with the Personal Information Protection Law, request disclosure, correction, or suspension of use etc. of Personal Information.   Regarding Personal Information of clients possessed by our company, if there is a request for disclosure, correction, or suspension of use etc., our company will respond in accordance  with the Personal Information Protection Law, having confirmed that the request is being made by the person itself.   The disclosure, correction, or suspension of use etc. will be made by procedures separately specified by our company.   Please note that there may be cases, where we cannot respond to the request for disclosure etc. unless this procedure is taken.   In addition, there may be cases where we ask for the payment of fees separately specified by our company.

6.Improving the Privacy Policy and Checking the Latest Privacy Policy

Regarding Privacy Policy, our company strives to make improvements.  Prior to the use of our services, clients must check the latest privacy policy.  Upon use of our services, clients are deemed to be in agreement with the content of the latest privacy policy.


Please make requests set forth in item 5 above regarding personal information owned by our company, as well as inquiries regarding this Privacy Policy, to the following.


Anchorstar Inc., Personal Information Protection Office
2-21-2 Daiichi Nan’o Building 6F, Nishi-Shinbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0003
Tel: 03-6865-5561 Fax: 03-6865-5562
Available on weekdays (excluding Anchorstar Inc. closure days) from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.